Our Expertise

We provide complete END-TO-END bioinformatics solutions from custom based platform design to application development to meet the requirement of our clients.

Insilico Immunology

Insilico immunogenic analysis of protein sequences. Antigenic Studies. Conformational Epitope Prediction.

Bioinformatics Databases

We provide services related to development of web-based knowledge bases right from data mining to design of the user interface.

X-ray Solution Scattering

SAXS/WAXS Data Analysis data analysis. Fitting SAXS/WAXS Data Analysis data to high resolution macromolecular structures. Low resolution shape reconstruction from SAXS data.

Protein Modelling

Protein Structure Prediction. Homology Modeling. Threading. Conformational Sampling.

Molecular Simulations

All atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Coarse-grained Simulations. Analyzing molecular dynamics trajectories. Forcefield Development.

Molecular Animation

Creating Custom Molecular Animations & Molecular Processess.